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Corporate progress is a tenet of executive leadership and organizational vitality. The foundation of such progress is knowing where you stand and what needs to be done in order to improve. Only truth is of value: speculation can be harmful. Start with the facts. Achieving this awareness is a comparative concept defined in relation to peers, competitors and industry pacesetters. Only then can activity, momentum, achievement and reasonable potential be accurately evaluated. provides the facts in a manner that creates this knowledge. It tells you where you stand in an impartial way. It is more than an unbiased referee of corporate achievement – it actually demonstrates where companies should seek improvement and what the related monetary value of attainment would be. The comprehensive scope of the benchmarking addresses essentially every factor of corporate performance.
There are four components of The first and most extensive is the benchmarking analysis that tells where you stand using over 135 companies and 15 years of history in the database. For the primary company selected, it shows the quartile rating for essentially every measure of corporate standing and performance. Most importantly, it directs you to the improvements needed for top quartile achievement and the dollar value of attaining such progression. The benchmarking contains well over 270 charts and pages of presentation available with the touch of a button addressing every meaningful measure of comparison using the currency of your choice. It is organized into six sections:
Beyond answering where you stand and what you have to do for improvement, this component of also judges or referees who is the best. Select two companies in a head-to-head face-off or a group of up to 20 companies and simply click to determine both who is the winner and looser as well as the reasons why.
The second component is Quick Facts. For every company in the database, it presents the market segments, brand names, plant locations, acquisitions, divestitures and contact information. The brand and plant information can be reverse accessed to determine the company ownership.
The third component is stock price information. Most companies in the database have over 14 years of stock price data that can be graphically accessed in raw form or as a measure of change over time using the currency of your choice. All stock prices can be compared to popular worldwide stock market indices as well as the CRB commodities index and the Nymex crude oil index. The stock price information can be displayed in chart format for a selected group or by using an alphabetical scrolling feature.
The fourth and last component is a glimpse of the overall database showing all the elements and time periods measured and calculated for a specific company. This is the heart of the benchmarking analysis. Its display demonstrates the massive depth and breadth of the benchmarking available to you.
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