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BenchmarkRef.com provides industry specific information, analysis and evaluations designed to be of interest to senior executives working in the industry, professionals engaged in opining about the industry and investors considering equity and debt positions in the industry. While we do not provide opinions or investment advice, we certainly do provide a treasury of data and analysis that will allow you to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of the industry participants.

Our company was launched in 2012 with the initial focus being the development of the BenchmarkRef.com web site application supported with the respective data bases. Our first industry, Consumer Goods, launched from a subscription perspective in 2018. Our second industry, Retailers, is launching toward the end of 2022 but will be available to subscribers free of charge during the built-out process. We plan to launch our third industry, Railroads, in 2022. Others will follow.

BenchmarkRef.com is not an electronic data downloader, assimilator and analyzer that our customers may ascribe to service providers such as Bloomberg, Google Finance, etc.. We avoid generic mega data accumulation in favor of industry specific insights. In common language, we personally read the 10-K’s, 10-Q’s, DEF 14A and web sites of the industry participants (as well as international equivalents) and marry non-financial data with financial results to produce unique industry insights. We speak the language of the respective industries, not the "dumbed down" language needed for cross industry data categorization. We do our best to present the data in accurate and consistent manners by reading financial statement footnotes to uncover the contents of amalgamations designed to shield the details from stakeholders in such areas as Other Income, Restructuring, Special Items, Discontinued Operations, Current Assets, Payables and Other Current Assets as well as M&A related investments. Fairness, precision and comparable consistency guide our data collection efforts. We never restate history.

The hallmark of BenchmarkRef.com is customer service. We try to anticipate your needs and respond to them effectively and promptly. We want you to be delighted with our web application. We want you to mention us to your colleagues and associates. Our goal is to grow our subscription base of satisfied customers. Our strategy is market penetration not pricing action. Please feel free to offer any suggestions along these lines. This tenant of customer service is the binding thread throughout our team of associates. We are proud of the skills and dedication possessed by everyone associated with BenchmarkRef.com.

Our Leadership

Kevin W. Tourangeau

Kevin W. Tourangeau
Chief Executive Officer

Education: Loyola College, CPA
Experience: ConAgra Foods, Jack Link’s, National Beef, H.J. Heinz, Canada Post, RJR Nabisco, General Foods, Colgate-Palmolive, Maxwell House, Tyson Foods, Oshawa Foods, Readers Digest, Bell Canada, Post, Planters, Lifesavers, Bank of Montreal, K-Mart, Towers Department Stores, Mondelez, Lamb Weston, Post, Molson Coors Brewery

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